Died rather young in 1457. Influenced by Donatello and Paolo Uccello.

  • Florence.
    • Uffizi, Third Tuscan Room. 12. Fresco: Crucifixion and Saints.
    • S. Appolonia, Refectory. Frescoes: Last Supper; Crucifixion; Entombment; Resurrection. Soon after 1434. (Nine Figures) Boccaccio; Petrarch; Dante; Queen Thomyris; Cumæan Sibyl; Niccolò Acciajuoli; Farinati degli Uberti; Filippo Scolari (“Pippo Spano”); Esther. L.—Frieze of Putti with Garlands.
      • Cloister. Fresco: Dead Christ and Angels. Soon after 1434.
    • Hospital (33 Via degli Alfani), Court. Fresco: Crucifixion.
    • SS. Annunziata, first Altar L. Fresco: Christ and St. Julian. L. (Invisible.)
      • Second Altar L. Fresco: Trinity with St. Jerome and other Saints. L. (Invisible.)
    • Duomo, Wall R. of Entrance: Fresco: Equestrian Portrait of Niccolò da Tolentino. 1456.
      • Window in Drum of Cupola (from his design). Deposition. 1444.
  • Locko Park (near Derby).
    • Mr. Drury Lowe. David (painted on a Shield). L.
  • London.
    • 1138. Small Crucifixion.
    • Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan. Bust of Man.