• Assisi.
    • S. Francesco, Upper Church. XX-XXV and first of Frescoes recounting the Life of St. Francis, done perhaps under Giotto’s directions. XXVI-XXVIII of same series done more upon his own responsibility.
      • Lower Church, Chapel of the Sacrament. Frescoes: Legend of St. Nicholas; Christ with SS. Francis and Nicholas and Donors, etc. (?). Before 1316. Madonna between SS. Francis and Nicholas (?). Before 1316.
  • Florence.
    • Uffizi, 20. Altarpiece of St. Cecily. E.
    • S. Margherita a Montici (beyond Torre del Gallo). Madonna. E. Altarpiece with St. Margaret. E.
    • S. Miniato: Altarpiece with S. Miniato. E.