Andrea, 1308(?)-1368. Pupil of Andrea Pisano; follower of Giotto; influenced by Ambrogio Lorenzetti of Siena.

Of the brothers, Nardo, who died in 1365, was scarcely his inferior.

The only painting certainly from Andrea’s hand is the altarpiece at S. Maria Novella. The frescoes in the same church are probably by Nardo.

  • Budapest.
    • 50. Madonna and Angels.
  • Florence.
    • Academy, 14. Vision of St. Bernard and Saints.
    • 40. Trinity with Evangelist and St. Romuald. 1365.
    • Uffizi, 10. St. Bartholomew and Angel (?). E.
    • 29. Coronation of the Virgin.
      • Third Tuscan Room. 20. St. Matthew Triptych. Begun in 1367.
    • Mr. B. Berenson. St. Benedict receiving a Novice.
    • Badia, Cappella Bonsi. Descent of Holy Spirit.
    • S. Croce, Sacristy. Madonna with SS. Gregory and Job. 1365.
    • S. Maria Novella, L. Transept. Altarpiece. 1357. Frescoes: Paradise; Last Judgment; Hell.
      • Cloister. Frescoes: Annunciation to Joachim and Anne; Meeting of Same; Birth of Virgin; Presentation of Virgin in Temple; Full length figures of Saints.
    • Certosa (near Florence), Chapel. Madonna.
  • London.
    • 569-578. Coronation and Saints, with nine smaller panels representing the Trinity, Angels, and Gospel Scenes.
  • New Haven (U. S. A.).
    • Jarves Collection, 25. Baptist.
    • 26. St. Peter.
  • Palermo.
    • Baron Chiaramonte-Bordonaro. Madonna.