1276-1336. Follower of Pietro Cavallini; influenced by Giovanni Pisano.

  • Assisi.
    • S. Francesco, Lower Church, Chapel of the Magdalen: Frescoes: Feast in the House of Simon (in great part); Raising of Lazarus; “Noli me Tangere,” (in part); Magdalen and Donor (in part)(?). (The remaining frescoes in this chapel are by assistants.) Before 1328.
      • Upper Church. II-XIX of frescoes recounting the Life of St. Francis (with occasional aid of A). E.
      • West Wall. Fresco: Madonna.
  • Boston (U. S. A.).
    • Mrs. J. L. Gardner: Presentation of Christ in the Temple. L.
  • Florence.
    • Academy, 103. Madonna enthroned and Angels.
    • S. Croce, Bardi Chapel. Frescoes: Life of St. Francis, etc. (Little more than the compositions are now Giotto’s.) Not earlier than 1317.
      • Peruzzi Chapel. Frescoes: Lives of the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist (considerably repainted). L.
  • Munich.
    • 983. Last Supper.
  • Padua.
    • Arena Chapel. Frescoes: Lives of Christ and His Mother; Last Judgment; Symbolical Figures. About 1305-6.
      • Sacristy. Painted Crucifix. About 1305-6.
  • Rome.
    • S. Giovanni Laterano, Pillar R. Aisle. Fragment of Fresco: Boniface VIII proclaiming the Jubilee. 1300.