1452-1519. Pupil of Verrocchio.

  • Florence.
    • Uffizi, 1252. Adoration of Magi (unfinished). Begun in 1481.
  • London.
    • Burlington House, Diploma Gallery. Large Cartoon for Madonna with St. Anne.
  • Milan.
    • S. Maria delle Grazie, Refectory. Fresco: Last Supper.
  • Paris.
    • 1265. Annunciation. E.
    • 1598. Madonna with St. Anne (unfinished).
    • 1599. “La Vierge aux Rochers.”
    • 1601. “La Gioconda.”
  • Rome.
    • Vatican, Pinacoteca. St. Jerome, (unfinished).

Note:—An adequate conception of Leonardo as an artist can be obtained only by an acquaintance with his drawings, many of the best of which are reproduced in Dr. J. P. Richter’s “Literary Works of Leonardo da Vinci,” and in B. Berenson’s “Drawings of the Florentine Painters.”