Compiled from Lionel Cust's Anthony Van Dyck, to which the references to pages apply.

1599. Antoon Van Dyck born March 22, in the house "der Berendaus," Antwerp (p. 4).

1601. Removal of Van Dyck family to house number 46 in street De Stat Gent (p. 4).

1607. Death of Van Dyck's mother (p. 4).

1609. Van Dyck among the apprentices of the painter Hendrick van Balen (p. 6).

1613. Portrait of an old man (p. 7).

1618. Admitted to the freedom of the Guild of St. Luke, Antwerp, February (p. 8). Entered Rubens' studio (p. 15).

1620. An order from the Jesuits for thirty-nine pictures designed by Rubens and completed by Van Dyck (p. 14).
Visit to England and service for King James I. (p. 23), and return to Antwerp (p. 24).

1621. Departure for Italy, Oct. 3 (p. 25), arriving at Genoa, Nov. 21.

1622. Departure from Genoa, February, to Rome; thence to Florence (p. 26); thence to Bologna (p. 27); thence to Venice (p. 27); Mantua (p. 27). Death of Van Dyck's father, Dec. 1 (p. 55).

1623. Return to Rome (p. 27); thence to Genoa (p. 28).

1623-1625. In Genoa.

1624. Journey to Palermo for portraits and other pictures (p. 49).

1625. Crucifixion, with St. Francis, St. Bernard, and the donor, painted for church of S. Michele de Pagana, near Genoa (p. 48).

1626. Probable date of return to Antwerp (p. 55).

1626 or 1627. Probable visit to England (pp. 56, 57, and 85).

1627. Death of Van Dyck's sister Cornelia (p. 58).

1628, March 3. Date of Van Dyck's will (p. 58).

1628. St. Augustine in Ecstasy completed for church of St. Augustine, Antwerp (p. 61).

1629. Purchase of Rinaldo and Armida by Charles I. (p. 85).

1630. Crucifixion for church of St. Michel, Ghent (p. 63). Portrait of Anna Maria de Camudio, wife of Ferdinand de Boisschot (p. 75).

1631. Elevation of Cross for church of Notre Dame at Courtray (p. 64). Appointment as court painter to Isabella Clara Eugenia, regent of the Netherlands (p. 73).

1630, 1631. Portraits of Philippe le Roy, Seigneur de Ravels and his wife (p. 78).

1631. Portrait of Marie de Medici (p. 81).

1631? Visit to Holland and acquaintance with Franz Hals (pp. 81-83).

1632. Arrival in England (p. 87), and knighthood conferred, July 5 (p. 88).

1634. Double portrait of Charles I. and Henrietta Maria (p. 102). Visit to Antwerp and purchase of property there (p. 90). Visit to Court of Brussels and portraits of regent, Prince of Savoy, and Prince Gaston, duc d'Orléans, and others (p. 91).

1635. Return to Antwerp, thence to England (p. 96). Famous portrait of Charles I. with horse and equerry (now in Louvre), sent to France as gift to queen mother (p. 105). Group of three children of Charles I., now in Turin (p. 109).

1636. Portrait of Charles I., full length, at Windsor Castle (p. 105).

1637. Group of five children of Charles I. (p. 111).

1639 or 1640. Marriage with Mary Ruthven (p. 142).

1640. In Antwerp in October, magnificently entertained by Academy of Painting (p. 143).

1641. In Paris, in January, seeking commission for decorations of Louvre (p. 144). In London, in May, and portrait of Princess Mary and Prince William (p. 144). In Antwerp, in October, planning for residence there (p. 145). In Paris, in November, on business. Return to London. Birth of daughter, Dec. 1. Death, Dec. 9 (p. 145).